Tuesday March 13th 7-9:30
Bradys Brick Alley
350 Main St Safety Harbor, Fl

Millennial Chill Showcase Event!

Audition (ten minute) slots available for 9 acts. Solo and/or Duo
Millennial Chill Performers... $50 Cash Prize plus Win monthly paid gig!

Signed up for this event...

7pm Lauren Mullinax Solo
7:15 Daniel von Zangenberg Solo
7:30 Jenu Six and Ni Lu Duo
7:45 Derek Anthony and Lexie Marie
8:00 Heavyn Leigh Brousseau Duo
8:15 Haley Meehan and Austin Fry Duo
8:30 Stevie Frank Duo
8:45 Victoria Anastasia Arvanitis Duo
9:00 Allison Ruckart Solo
9:15 Cash Prize and Award

Please contact Regina 727-742-8333

Millennial Chill is a music networking group for the chill people of the millennial generation! Featured guest performers are selected by the hosts in advance to play shows at various locations. We would love to have cool people come to enjoy hanging out and listening to this acoustic music with us!  Facebook Group Link